This is how we can help you


We develop the consciousness of leaders, teams and organisations across four levels:


1) To increase performance;

2) To raise their capabilities to align financial, social and environmental purpose, often called the 'Triple Bottom Line';
3) To handle the complexities and uncertainties of the 'decade of transformation';
4) To operate as a long-term asset for all stakeholders through co-creating a regenerative future.



Increasing Performance


To increase performance, most organisations focus on increasing the capability of their people. In doing so, the other side of the equation is often neglected. Performance is also increased by reducing psychological interference, which is caused by stress, negative thoughts, and a lack of self-regard, etc. It is how we get in our own way. Psychological interference naturally increases throughout our life as we grow and gradually causes disharmony to consciousness. To perform at their best, we provide organisations with ways to help their people reduce their psychological interference and bring greater harmony to consciousness. This is the first set of services we provide.



Delivering the Triple Bottom Line


Companies are now judged on the value they provide to society and the environment, rather than on financial returns alone. The idea of aligning financial, social and environmental purposes has existed for over 25 years but has proved much easier to talk about than deliver. A significant reason for this is that, as a society, we still have the consciousness needed to create and sustain an Industrial Revolution, rather than to deal with its aftermath. This level of consciousness does not only affect us in our social behaviours but also in our work. If an organisation is actually to deliver on the triple bottom line, it has to develop the consciousness of its leaders and teams, and so this is the second set of services.



Navigating a Decade of Transformation


Whether we like it or not, there will be a significant transformation in our society and organisations over the next decade. Climate change alone, and the measures we put in place to avert it, will bring about significant transformation. However, it is not the only major driver for change, as can be seen by the stream of news reports on a wide range of environmental and social stresses. Added to this, there will be the unchartered impacts of newly emerging technologies and digital transformation. These diverse drivers for change will interact and interlace with each other and, at times, are likely to create situations and moments of high “VUCA” (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). To perform in this decade of transformation with its increase in VUCA, leaders, teams and organisations need to develop a higher level of consciousness. This is our third set of services.


Co-creating a Regenerative Future


For leaders and organisations that want to start operating on the basis of not only surviving the next ten years but also enabling a long-term future based upon contributing to a truly regenerative society, where humanity can flourish in harmony with the planet, there is a further step that can be taken. That step is for leaders to understand their role, through their organisations’ behaviours, in helping all of society to develop a regenerative consciousness and embrace regenerative lifestyles. This is our fourth set of services.

Whichever of these four levels of challenge a leader, team or organisation is facing, we are here to help you.

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