Organisations seek to gain a competitive advantage by enabling their people to increase their performance. While the definitions of performance will vary according to each organisation’s purpose, the equation remains the same: "Performance = Potential - Interference". This equation was coined by Tim Gallwey, famed for a methodology used in coaching and for increasing performance in a variety of fields called "The Inner Game".

Gallwey’s equation suggests that without interference, people would be able to perform at their full potential. The greater source of interference is psychological. So, to perform at their best, organisations need to find ways to help their people reduce their psychological interference.

Psychological interference naturally increases throughout our life as we grow. It includes stress, negative thoughts, a lack of self-regard, psychological scars, and ego defences, etc., which interfere with our ability to perform to our full potential. The build-up of interference creates disharmony in our consciousness. Techniques, drawn from Sophrology, can be used to dissolve the build-up of psychological interference and thus return one to a more harmonic state.   

We all know we have to periodically take our car to the garage to have the oil and air filters changed because, over time, they get clogged up with debris which reduces performance.  It’s just the same for our psychology. Through Sophrology, we can learn how to lift the bonnet on our psychology and unclog our filters and increase our performance.

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